Weightlifting Coaching

Individual-based weightlifting routines to gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain your current physique. After receiving some information on your background health and activity I will create a workout routine from scratch revolved around your goals and the most effective way to achieve them, this includes exercises I consider optimal for training specific body parts and online tutorials I’ve found that portray the proper way to complete them.

Within 24 hours of purchasing, an email will be sent to the email address that is associated with your PayPal account or the email entered into the payment form when purchasing via a credit card. This initial email will confirm whether or not the email address associated with the purchase is the address you wish to use in order to receive the service, and if not, to reply back with a more preferred email address (also can help establish if the coaching was purchased as a gift, etc.)

After confirming which email address you’d like to receive the coaching through, I will then ask for some background information concerning your health and physical status as well as some questions on past exercise history and adherence, exercise/body composition goals, and daily activity levels. During this time I will also ask that you give a written agreement to kevingfitness’s Terms & Conditions as well as the legal disclaimer.


Having this initial information will help tremendously in establishing where you as a client are and where you can make the most improvements in relation to your goal. After purchasing Weightlifting Coaching you will also receive continuous support for a month after purchase, meaning that the one-time fee will allow you to email me at any time with any questions you may have in regards to Weightlifting Coaching up to a month after purchase.

Cost: $40.00


How quickly will my questions be answered?

Within 24 hours.

Can I pay without a PayPal account?

Yes, after clicking the “Buy Now” button below go to the bottom right of the “Choose a way to pay” and select “Don’t have a PayPal account” in order to use a Credit/Debit card or other secure payment method.

Who is this coaching program good for?

The Weightlifting Coaching is ideal for someone who feels as though their diet is in check but doesn’t know where to start when it comes to using gym equipment, or they are familiar with gym equipment but aren’t seeing the progress they desire with their current routine.

This isn't a subscription based service?

No, that's what makes Kevin G Fitness so unique! With this one time fee you will automatically receive an entire month of e-mail support to help implement the information into your lifestyle. There will be enough information relayed in this initial month so that you will not need to spend any more money on coaching, it will just come down to consistently implementing the knowledge you have gained in this initial month in order to achieve progress that will last a lifetime.

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