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Change Your Physique

With the implementation of a new weight lifting program & nutrition advice tailored to your own needs and goals you will see results like you’ve never seen before!

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Get In Shape

It’s never too late to make a change. With my individualized workout programming and nutrition advice you can make strides to obtaining your goal physique.

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Live Healthy

I encourage clients to ask questions and I strive to give them all of the information needed to not only change their physique, but know how to maintain it!


About Me

All of my life I had been overweight, with my highest recorded weigh in being 222 lbs @ 5’8 and being well over 25% body fat. I got to this state due to a mostly sedentary lifestyle coupled with a horrific diet, eating an excessive amount of calories with no real concern for my body composition or health.

Despite being overweight I was an extremely competitive person and often found myself playing video games online, eventually at a competitive level. I can surely accredit gaming for part of the drive I hold in my life today, although the sedentary lifestyle associated with it was unforgiving for my body composition.

Eventually I decided enough was enough and began making a change, I unfortunately didn’t do it the right way my first time around. Something I’d like to hopefully change for anyone reading this that may be in a similar situation that I was in.

I lost over 60 lbs and reached a landmark 162 lbs, mostly losing the weight via excessive cardio from varsity soccer practice and a crash diet consisting of canned chicken breast, canned tuna, and peanut butter sandwiches. The end result was fat loss, but also a drop in lean body mass due to dieting improperly and not implementing a weightlifting routine. I wasn’t satisfied with my physique at this point and just felt as though I was now a generic “skinny kid”, and well, I was! I am thankful I didn’t end up running into serious health problems with this horrific diet and that I began making the real changes needed in order to pursue my dream physique.

The next part is where my background in gaming played a huge role in my success; I was always on my computer to play my games and because of this I knew the power of the internet. I began questioning my routine and diet and so the research began. I subscribed to several nutrition and exercise science scientific journals and joined several fitness boards. I asked anyone and everyone about their experiences and accumulated a sound knowledge for what works from both an anecdotal and scientific approach.

Around June of 2012 I began following a weightlifting routine and began tracking my macronutrients and following ‘flexible dieting’. I slowly increased my caloric intake and was eventually looking bigger and healthier than ever before.

I continued to improve my physique through consistency and constantly expanded my knowledge on weightlifting and nutrition. I became accredited with ACE (American Council on Exercise) and began working as a personal trainer at my universities gym. Before long my transformation was drawing attention from friends and people at the gym and they began asking me for advice. I quickly realized I found great joy from sharing my knowledge on nutrition and weightlifting with them and loved seeing the great results they started having.

Eventually I decided I wanted to help more people than just those around me and so the development of Kevin G Fitness began. After over a year of developing the website and deciding on what the goals of the site were going to be, the website was finally released on 12/18/13. My goal for this site is to reach out to as many people as possible and provide them with INDIVIDUALIZED nutrition advice and weight lifting programs to help achieve their physique goals. After seeing the joy and happiness that was brought into my life and the others close around me after improving our physiques, it was only a matter of time until I wanted people around the world to experience this! One thing I want any client that may be reading this to understand is that I am one of the hardest workers you will ever meet – ESPECIALLY when it comes to weightlifting and dieting. This site will help transform your body because you have me working for YOU, by keeping communication open after purchasing any of the plans I will continuously check on your progress and help INFORM you on proper nutrient intake and weight lifting programming so that eventually you will LEARN the information and be on the road to make progress and enjoy this new lifestyle far past however long your session lasts.

This is not a gimmicky meal plan site that will mass e-mail clients the same information despite being different people with different needs; instead I will personally contact each and every client and inform you on how to get on the fastest track to improving your physique after learning about your own fitness history and information. So, now that you have heard about my own challenges and the ways I went about overcoming them, I hope it will help bring you closer to making the steps needed in order to overcome your challenges and change your own physique. Smile at the changes to come and remember that if you work hard, if you dedicate yourself to a goal, anything is possible.


Let’s do it.

- Kevin G

My own progress

Progress 1


222lbs / 101kg
Progress 2

August 2012

170lbs / 77kg
Progress 3

April 2013

202lbs / 92kg
Progress 4

November 2013

194lbs / 88kg